Clockwork have built a reputation for delivering quality films with visual flair, passion and creativity. We develop and produce scripted television, feature docs, movies, documentaries and podcasts for broadcasters around the world. Our team brings a wealth of established talent to the table. Comprised of executives, producers and writers, all with a track record of delivering gripping storytelling. With a passion for telling true stories which offer an insight into our world through entertaining and thought-provoking narratives.

We have offices in Australia, New Zealand, L.A and have relationships with buyers across the board from the BBC, Netflix, HBO and Disney to I heart media, Wondery and Audible. As a company, we haven’t yet made any films yet nor do we have a reputation for making films so I would put the emphasis on development and the fact we’re a new company  And I wouldn’t list specific buyers we have relationships with in case we are ever negotiating with competitors (also we have yet to sell to any of those buyers as a company and it could read as reaching). So here is my suggestion but feel free to alter/change:

Clockwork has invested passion, creativity and capital into the development of quality content for broadcast, streaming and theatrical audiences. In a short time, we have built an impressive slate of scripted television, feature film, documentary and podcast projects based on True Stories and Intellectual Property with award-winning filmmakers and writers.

Our team brings a wealth of established and diverse talent to the table, comprised of passionate executives and producers with a solid track record of delivering gripping storytelling. We empower creators to develop thought-provoking, authentic stories that offer universal glimpses into the human experience. With offices in Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles and strong relationships with buyers across the globe, Clockwork is fast establishing itself as a hub for international filmmakers to have their voices heard.


The incredible true story of the first ever American CIA defector who outwitted the FBI and pulled off the most daring successful escape in Cold War history. Edward Lee Howard was a boy scout, an altar boy and a Peace Corps volunteer. No one would have predicted that he would be the first and only CIA operative to join forces with the KGB.


Former Assistant DA Charlotte Bismuth took down one of New Yorks deadliest pill pushing doctors for Homicide. For four years she dedicated her life to getting justice for the families of his victims, almost at the cost of her own life.


The unbelievable true story of an African-American Stand-up Comic turned journalist who dedicated his life to reporting the truth behind the war in Syria, only to find himself on the US kill list and the target of 5 drone strikes that he believes were attempts to assassinate him.