Clockwork Films, an international production company with offices in Sydney, Auckland and Cape Town has launched its US operation. Spearheaded by Executive Producers Marc Furmie, Michael D. Olmos and Ty Linegar, the Los Angeles base cements Clockwork’s plans to scale as a truly global production house dedicated to high-quality commercials, music videos, film and television projects.

Clockwork Films LA is representing several award winning, US-based, commercial and music video directors including: Kevin T Willson, Allison Gay, Brooke James, Laurence Thrush, Daniel Carberry, Keenan O’Reilly and Etienne Aurealis while internationally-based directors from across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe include Matt Murphy, Björn Fävremark & John Boisen, Jon Gwyther, Jonathan Nyquist, James Chappell, Henri Bassil and Justin McMillan, with more to be announced soon. Clockwork US is repped by Yvette Reps on the West Coast, Maureen Butler in the Midwest and Corey Rogers and Perry Schaffer on the East Coast.

The launch of the Los Angeles office also heralds the start of a new venture for Clockwork – development and production of feature film and television projects. Clockwork has been acquiring and partnering on intellectual property acquisitions and is beginning production on various projects in the prestige drama and elevated-genre space including The Enforcer, the true story of a notorious Brooklyn mafia hitman who is hired to orchestrate the assassination of Pope John Paul I with producers Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer, The Binge) and Jon Weinbach (The Last Dance); Harlem 58, the true story of the 1958 attempted assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., with producers Elliott Yancey and Jamal Mallory McCree; Defiant – based on the incredible true story of Janine Shepherd, a champion athlete who defies a diagnosis of paraplegia to become a successful aerobatics pilot with producers Alan Nevins (What To Expect When You’re Expecting) and Chris Chard and Gray State, based on the true story of David Crowley, a U.S. war veteran turned conspiracy-theorist with producer David R. Rodriguez (Colossal Youth, The Green Ghost).

Says Jamie Cohen, CEO, Clockwork: “We love what we do at Clockwork and part of our vision has been to expand into the long form space. With Marc, Ty and Michael spearheading our US office, we are in an excellent position to make a mark in the global production space and offer a service that sets us apart from the status quo. We are thrilled to be part of such a fast growing organization that is built around a wonderful team of talented people, and these guys only add to that brilliance.”

The first film off the block for production will be Savage Land a 70’s-set supernatural thriller directed by Marc Furmie with producers Sean Robins (Mortal Kombat, TAG, Paul Blart), Jim Robison (Moonrock For Monday, Danger Close) and Keith Sweitzer. The film will be shot in 3rd QTR 2021.

Joining the Clockwork family is a natural next step for Furmie, Olmos & Linegar, who have been working together since 2017. “We were drawn to Clockwork’s mandate of ‘Excellence In Production, Humility in Relationships and Joy in Service,’ three things my team feel very strongly about. We are excited by the prospect of building directors careers and serving clients to create compelling advertising content. In addition, we are investing a lot of energy and resources into telling powerful stories in the long form space.” Says Furmie.

“With a roster of visionary directors and production facilitation in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, there is a great opportunity for Clockwork to navigate the changing production landscape and thrive in an evolving industry.” Says Linegar.

“We are growing our roster slowly and building upon key relationships. As a company that is being creatively headed by two culturally diverse Executive Producers, our goal is to nurture directors with diverse backgrounds, voices and experiences.” says Olmos.

L to R: Michael D. Olmos, Marc Furmie, Ty Linegar.



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